Grilled as you like it

Home for the holidays February 16, 2009

The Kitchen, Boulder, Colorado

We went home for 17 days over the winter holidays. What a great trip it was. Of course, we tried our best to fill up on all of the things we can’t get in Japan. Mexican food was at the top of our list. Here are some highlights from our trip. We had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in Boulder, The Kitchen. I love that they have great local ingredients and that they’re not afraid to share their recipes on their website. They know that a great restaurant is more than just the recipes.


We picked up lots of bulk spices at great prices at Savory Spice Shop. This was the first time that I had been to their new(ish) Boulder store. It’s much brighter and more spacious than the adorable Denver shop. It seems like they are always improving their selection, and everything that I’ve gotten from there has been great. This time we picked up all of the spices that we thought we might need in the next year-and-a-half. We stocked up on spices for making Mexican food in particular, and more of our favorite locally inspired blend, Lodo Red Adobo.


After visiting Savory Spice we headed to Pekoe Sip House for our favorite teas. Although there is plenty of green tea in Japan, the selection of black tea is not as good and it’s expensive too. So we stocked up on our favorite teas like Herbal Madras, Evening in Missoula, Forbidden Fruits, Ceylon, and Lilioukalani.


Later in the week we had brunch at Brasserie Ten Ten in Boulder. Alex has declared their burger to be the best in town. (more…)