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Yamamoto Manbo Okonomiyaki March 18, 2010

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As you can tell from the title of my blog, I love okonomiyaki. For our last meal in Kyoto, we headed to lunch at Yamamoto Manbo Okonomiyaki, another find from Meet’s Regional’s Best Guide of Kyoto. Yamamoto Manbo is a narrow shop with counter seats arranged around a blazing hot griddle. The master cooks up layered okonomiyaki wih udon or soba noodles and topped with sliced onions and a raw egg. The master asked if we wanted regular or spicy sauce. Usually “spicy” sauce isn’t spicy so much as more flavorful, so we both ordered the spicy sauce. Oops. It really was spicy here, so I had quite a time finishing mine. Next time I’ll have to go for the regular.

As we sat at the counter by the griddle, sweltering from the Kansai summer heat and the sizzling griddle, the master chatted with us about where we were visiting from. When we said Maebashi, he said to us, “Oh, Gunma, it’s always very hot there, isn’t it?”


One Response to “Yamamoto Manbo Okonomiyaki”

  1. rantingcynic Says:

    Tasty- cept’ fo’ the eggs….

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