Grilled as you like it

Nishiki Koji March 16, 2010

Whenever I’m in Kyoto, I love to go strolling in Nishiki-koji Market. Here are some bamboo-wrapped kuzu manju.

On this trip I really had pickles and dashi on my mind. We stopped at the nuka-zuke shop and I bought a few nuka-zuke cucumbers.

At another pickle shop we bought some salt-pickled cucumbers. There were some chiles and kombu pieces in the brine too. We liked this one so much that we bought some more. Alex decided that they might be the best pickles in the world–in his opinion, at least.

You can see the cucumber pickles in the second vat in the front row. I guess we weren’t the only ones who liked them; they were nearly sold out even though it was still morning.

I bought one of these sticks of driftwood. Just kidding, they are really dried katsuo for making dashi.

At the kombu shop I bought some dashi kombu.


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