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Honke Daiichiasahi Takabashi Honten Ramen March 8, 2010

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Next stop: dinner. I found a recommendation for Daiichiasahi Honten ramen near Kyoto Station in Meets Regional’s Best Guide of Kyoto. The ramen is topped with sprouts, negi, and charshu in a shoyu broth. The shop is your typical, fluorescent-lit, sparely decorated ramen joint. Sitting at the counter, we could watch the chefs filling bowls with topping, boiling noodles to order, and tending to a giant cauldron of broth on the back burner.

We split an order of gyoza too. The super-thin skins and golden sear on these were near perfection.

We got there in time to beat the crowd (though it was nearly 10:00 pm), but there was a growing line by the time we left.  A line out the door is a good sign that the ramen inside is worth waiting for.

Of course, Daiichiasahi isn’t the only good ramen in town. In fact, Shinpukusaikan Honten next door was also good enough to merit mention in the Best Guide of Kyoto, but they were closing up shop by the time we got there, so the choice was easy.

Goodnight Kyoto


One Response to “Honke Daiichiasahi Takabashi Honten Ramen”

  1. Sorry for asking, but,,,Does for any chance it was a very small place where the boss is always taking out money (japanese notes) and counting it every so often??

    I thinks that’s the same Ramen place we were in our trip to japan!
    Just to say the Ramen was delicious, but japanese people eat it so fasttttttt!!! we take like 15 minuts to wait until our tongues could stand it, SO HOTTTTT!!!

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