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Mt. Myogi Hike November 8, 2009

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In June we went an a sort of “farewell hike” with some of our friends who were leaving Gunma. We went to Mt. Myogi, which is one of the three important mountains of Gunma (along with Mt. Haruna and Mt. Akagi). As you can see, the trail is quite challenging, but the views are great. We had a great hike, and managed to avoid any rain. After the hike we enjoyed some strawberry soft cream and went to a nearby onsen for a relaxing post-hike soak. To see more pictures from our hike, check out Alex’s photoblog.


2 Responses to “Mt. Myogi Hike”

  1. J.D. Gibbard Says:

    Hi! I want to hike Myougi-san this summer as I never got around to it when I lived in Gunma. I’m wondering how long it takes from the shrine to the Ishimon as I probably don’t have time for full hike to the top.


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