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A day in Denver February 28, 2009

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I found some more photos from our holiday trip to Colorado. Here are some that I took on an afternoon in Denver with my mom. First we went to the Denver Bread company for some bread and cookies. Mmm… I miss good crusty bread here in Japan; just looking at this photo makes me want some.


Next we headed to Urbanistic Tea and Bike Shop. This shop used to be Lily’s on the other side of the street, but they’ve moved and changed their offerings a little bit. If I were to open a retail store, I think this is what I would want it to be: herbs and spices, cool cooking tools, gourmet foods, fine teas, and bike gear (plus a small repair area in the back). How cool is that? I loved their “ride bikes*be fabulous” t-shirt, but they didn’t have my size. zannen.


Urbanistic is right next door to St. Kilian’s Cheese Shop. It’s another great little shop. They don’t just have cheese. They also have spices and gourmet goodies. I picked up a few bags of Le Puy and black caviar lentils to bring back to Japan. I also bought a few pieces of Spanish cheeses. One great thing about St. Kilian’s is that they let you try the cheese before you buy it, so I knew that I was going to like the ones I picked out. One was Zamorano, and unfortunately I forgot the name of the other, but trust me, it was good.


For our last stop, we left the Highlands neighborhood and headed to LoDo. We were hoping to stop in at Wen Chocolates, but they were closed for the first ten days of January. Wen Chocolates is next door to the original Savory Spice shop in Denver. I had already done all of my spice shopping at the Boulder store, so although we stopped in and said hello, I didn’t buy anything there.



3 Responses to “A day in Denver”

  1. ashiebee Says:


    by any chance, do u live in japan?i was google-ing on the street food to try in japan and stumbled upon your blog. hehehe.


  2. laurel Says:

    Yes I do. I live in Maebashi city, Gunma prefecture. The popular street foods vary depending on where you are in the country. For example, takoyaki is very popular in Osaka, but not so popular here in Gunma. I highly recommend seeking out a good ramen shop. If there is a festival you can sample a lot of different kinds of festival foods, but many of them aren’t as good as the ones you’ll find in shops. The kara-age is usually pretty good, but steer clear of the “choco-bananas.”

  3. michelle Says:

    Your mum gave us a heads-up about your blog, love the pictures! Have a fresh cup of Japanese tea for us.
    Michelle from Urbanistic Tea & Bike shop.

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