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Is seafood sustainable? January 31, 2009

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Living in Japan, there is a wide variety of seafood available and the prices are much lower than they were at home. Naturally, we’ve been eating less meat and more chicken. Even when we lived in America I was interested in whether the seafood we ate was sustainable, but it’s even more important now that we’re eating more of it. Here’s an interesting series of articles about seafood sustainability that the Japan Times online ran last weekend:

What future for fish as Japan’s daily fare?

Can farmers keep tuna on the menu?

A herring fishery shows that the big picture can be elusive


One Response to “Is seafood sustainable?”

  1. cici Says:

    Oh,I never thought that especially the last link would be so good, speaking for the protecting of sea lions which eat mostly the fish which are predatores to herings…instead like fishermen say to kill sa mammaels to preserve fishes.

    But breeding fish in captivity is not solving the depleting stocks in the wild.

    Because you need to catch 7 pounds wild fish to gain one pound weight from a breed fish…that is not really the end of the problem.

    If the fishes could be feed with a food based on okara, the trester of making soy milk, the trester from making sake and beer…then it would be much, much better.

    And why should that be not possible? Most breed salmons are solemly feed with pellets composed mostly of grains.

    To highten the content of omega3 and get them more umami, the food had to be enriched with algaes, becaus that is what gives wild fish their colour, taste and health values.

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