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Catching up November 5, 2008

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Well, I’m just back from my trip to Taiwan, and I’m already busy grading papers at school and at home I’m following the election news while burning a pumpkin pie for my English club’s Halloween/Thanksgiving party tomorrow. Hopefully it’ll be ok. Luckily, my tart pan here is quite a bit smaller than the one I usually use at home, so I think I have enough leftover dough, filling, and struesel topping to make a new one tomorrow if I can sneak into the home ec room for a bit.

I’m hoping to have an update on my Taiwan trip ready to post by this weekend. And I’ve still got lots of recipes and other stories to share too. Of course it’s hard to keep up because it seems like we’re up to something new every weekend.

In the meantime, check out this NY Times article about dining in Taipei: Feasting at the Table of Taipei. We had a great dinner at C’est Bon on Sunday night along with many other delicious meals. I think I must have put on some weight while I was there because I was feeling fuller-than-full by the end of every meal. There were still some things that we didn’t get to try though. I guess what I need for my next trip is a way to fit a few more meals into each day.


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