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Yamamomo July 14, 2008

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One of my school’s English teachers’ hobby is growing fruit. He has about 30 varieties of citrus trees and several other kinds of fruit too. He also grows a vegetable garden. About 2 weeks ago, he brought in these strange-looking fruits – yamamomo. They’re about 2 centimeters across and quite bumpy, with a fairly large pit in the center. The flavor is sweet and sour, with a distinct floral note. I recognized them as the same fruits that I had tried at the Obanzai restaurant in Kyoto during spring break. The one I had in Kyoto had been preserved in syrup or liquer, so it was quite sweet, but with the fresh ones, the sour taste definitely dominated over the sweet.

I am not sure if they are available outside of Japan; I certainly had never seen one before I arrived here. As with most (all?) Japanese homegrown fruits, yamamomo are quite seasonal, I suppose the season is probably already over.


4 Responses to “Yamamomo”

  1. Bahia Says:

    They look exactly like lychee!

  2. laurel Says:

    Hmm… they do in the picture, don’t they? They’re actually a bit bumpier, kind of like a raspberry, and you don’t have to peel them either. 🙂

  3. Blunt88 Says:

    Believe it or not I had yamamomo fruit at a sushi restaurant in park City, Utah last night.

  4. Amy Says:

    funny- I thought they only existed in China- that’s where I came across these fluffy rose-colored soot balls 🙂 I think they taste really refreshing…kind of like a sweet cranberry. But they are so perishable…they start seeping juice very quickly.

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