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Kindai farmed bluefin tuna May 28, 2008

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I usually try to steer clear of bluefin tuna (hon-maguro) at the store and sushi bar since it’s listed as unsustainably fished at Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. However, for hon-maguro and toro fans out there, Kinki Daigaku (Kinki University, Kindai) has developed a method of farming bluefin tuna from its eggs to adulthood. It may be possible to enjoy sustainably harvested bluefin tuna in the future. Of course, it remains to be seen whether these carnivorous fish can be fed in captivity in a sustainable way.

The Kindai tuna became available in Japan in 2004, and an article in last week’s San Francisco Chronicle food section tells which San Francisco area restaurants are selling the fish. The demand for sustainable bluefin outpaces the supply in America still, so it is currently a hot commodity.

I’ll keep an eye open to see if I can find it here in Maebashi.


One Response to “Kindai farmed bluefin tuna”

  1. cici Says:

    Unfortunately you need to catch 7 pounds wild fsh for 1 pound farmed tuna.

    Also mostly of farmed tuna are caught young fish that are fattened up..so they are missing in the reproduction cycle.

    They never get the chance to produce offspring and because they are kept in smaller space they are prone to infection and parasites…the medication that is given is also affecting the wildlife(and tramsitted diseases will infect the wild fishes) because tuna and other fish can not be kept in ponds or tanks.

    Whole areas at the coast are surrounded with nets and the fish are kept there.

    The reproduction cycle of salmons and carps is well known and stimulated in captivity, with tuna that is as difficult as producing offspring from dolphines in captivity.

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