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Yukiya Soba May 12, 2008

ten-zaru soba

J and K took us to their favorite soba restaurant, Yukiya (Yugiya?), recently. It’s on the north end of Maebashi, near K’s school. They have ju-wari soba (100% buckwheat) and ni-hachi (80% buckwheat and 20% wheat), inaka soba (country-style, the flour is ground more coarsely) and an extra-fancy type whose name I can’t remember now. J had the ten-don and soba set, K had the extra-fancy type which was served with freshly grated wasabi, Alex had the duck soup and soba, and I had the ten-zaru soba. The tempura that came with my set was maitake mushroom, green pepper, and chikuwa. Another culinary revelation, tempura fried chikuwa (fish cake) is really good – light textured, crisp on the outside, and slightly meaty. Alex’s duck soba set was really tasty too, with a hot, hearty duck soup and sliced duck breast salad. Everything was really delicious, so I am hoping to go back and try some more of their dishes. Of course, it might be a while before we make it back because it’s not near anywhere else that we go regularly and there are probably a hundred soba restaurants between our house and there.

fresh wasabi and a ceramic grater – kamo-jiru, duck soup

the soba menu at Yukiya

We rode our bikes along the river to get there and saw these adorable ducks. As you can see, one is trying to be “the nail that stands up.” These pictures are actually from early April, so the cherry blossoms were at their peak that day. The white flecks on the water are sakura petals.

some ducks cruising on the river; the white flecks in the water are fallen cherry blossom petals


2 Responses to “Yukiya Soba”

  1. nice guy Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your excerpt, however you may want to proofread your writing, especially on this sentence:

    “Alex’s duck soba set was really tasty too, with a hot, hearty duck soup and sliced dick breast salad.”

    Did you mean to put “dick breast salad?” If so, I appologize for being shrewd.

  2. laurel Says:

    nice guy,
    thanks for noticing. The offending typo has been removed.

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