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Robata Honten April 27, 2008

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inside Robata Honten – fried whole fish with vegetables and apples

We decided to try Robata Honten in Ginza after finding it in the Rough Guide to Japan. We were the first customers in the restaurant when we arrived around 7:00, but the small dining area filled up not long after. The atmosphere was dark and cozy. Not wanting to work to hard trying to read a menu, we ate omakase, chef’s choice. Our meal included a large platter with various salads, vegetables, and seafood, a stew, braised duck with oranges, and a whole fried fish with vegetables and apples (above). After we let the chef know that we had had enough to eat, we were brought not one, but two desserts. The first was a bowl of strawberries and a stiff ume (plum) jelly wrapped in bamboo leaves. You can see in the photo below the pattern of the veins in the leaves becomes embossed into the jelly. Next was (I think) warabi mochi dusted with kinako (ground toasted soybeans). Overall, the meal was a bit expensive (about 20,000 yen for four people including beers), but a fun and tasty experience.

desserts: strawberries with ume jelly – a close-up view of the ume jelly – kinako dusted warabi mochi


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