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Ueno Ramen April 26, 2008

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D wanted to be sure to try some real ramen while he was visiting Japan (none of that instant stuff), so a few hours before it was time to go home, we found a nice little ramen joint in Ueno. I’m pretty sure it’s called Himuro. They serve a Hokkaido style miso ramen, shio ramen, shoyu ramen, and kimchi ramen. That’s the kimchi ramen in the picture above, and miso ramen with extra charshu pork below. It comes with a few slices of char-shu pork, menma (pickled bamboo shoots), sprouts, nori or wakame, and green onions. You can also add a hardboiled egg or a few other toppings for a bit extra. We ordered the miso ramen, kimchi ramen, and some gyoza. The ramen is salty, flavorful, and filling. The hardboiled eggs were a little inconsistent, with one being a bit on the overdone side. We really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and the friendly staff here too.

On Saturday afternoon, it was hopping, but we liked it so much we came back later with T and my dad on Monday and enjoyed a more leisurely lunch. This time I tried the shio ramen, which was garnished with lots of ground sesame. You can also order any flavor “big size” but I don’t think I would need to since the regular size is pretty filling. After we finished our lunch, T gazed longingly at the giant bowls for the “big size” portions and said, “I think I should have gotten one of those…”

mmm… ramen…


3 Responses to “Ueno Ramen”

  1. Jaye Says:

    Hi there,
    Enjoy reading about japanese food from your blog.
    Is it possible to give directions to the Ueno Ramen place u mentioned? Is it near JR Ueno station?
    Are there menus in English to order from and what are the prices like?
    Thank you for your time.


  2. laurel Says:

    Here is a map to the ramen shop. It’s called Himuro. You can walk there from JR Ueno station (it’s about 4 blocks south of JR Ueno, turn right and then it is on your right), but it may be a little bit closer to Okachimachi station.

    The menu is in Japanese only, but the offerings are basically “shoyu (soy sauce),” “shio (literally salt, but it means chicken flavor,” or “miso” broth. You can add roast pork, “charshu,” or kimchi. You can also get a big-size by saying “dekkai”, but that is ridiculously big. So if you want miso ramen with kimchi just say “miso kimchi ramen, onegai shimasu.”

    The prices start at 650 yen for a basic shoyu or shio ramen, with add-ons like miso, charshu, and kimchi for 100 to 200 yen each.

    Here is review of another good ramen shop that is inside JR Ueno Station on the West side: Ichiran Ramen

  3. Jaye Says:

    thanks for the information.
    will keep it in mind and dropped by if the opportunity presents itself!

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