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Sakura at Ueno Park April 26, 2008

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The spring break wrap-up continues! Since we had many friends visiting, we had several opportunities to see the sakura (cherry blossoms) at Ueno Park since Ueno Station is where we meet people who are coming and going to the airport. Although the cherry blossoms are long gone by now, during spring break they were at their peak. These photos are from March 28th, March 30th, and April 1st. We went to view the blossoms both at night and during the day. The lanes in the park were full of people, and company employees and small groups were seated on tarps on the edges enjoying drinking and picnics. It was the first night of sakura season the first night that we went, so we could here the constant toll of the bell at the shrine above the park as visitors came to make their springtime wishes.

Somei-yoshino sakura – festival vendors in the center of the park – lanterns and blossoms at night

a stone lantern – a torii gate

the Sunday crowds – getting the perfect shot


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