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Keep your friends close, and your tulips closer. April 22, 2008

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Here’s a brief interlude from my ongoing “What did I do over spring break” update for some local news. My town of Maebashi has made the news recently, as a flower-chopping bandit has been wreaking havoc on people’s tulips overnight. Here’s the Asahi Shimbun story:

Briefly: 1,900 tulips found chopped off

MAEBASHI–Nearly 1,900 tulips that local residents grew for a festival have been found with their tops chopped off.

In the third case this month, the tops of 65 tulips were cut off near the prefectural government office from late Friday to early Saturday.

On April 9, 1,050 tulips were found cut in flower boxes between JR Maebashi Station and the prefectural government office.

Overnight on April 13-14, 766 tulips in 217 boxes in an area 1 kilometer from the site of the first incident were similarly vandalized.

Apparently, these acts of anti-floral civil disobedience has sparked a spate of copycat crimes in other prefectures. Here’s a link to that story.


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