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Himeji Castle April 8, 2008

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Cherry blossom buds

sakura buds

On the first day of our Kansai adventure, March 23rd, we were surprised to be flying into Kobe instead of Osaka Itami like we though we would be doing. See “I love flying in Japan!” for more about that. So we decided to take advantage of being so far south (west) and we took a side trip to Himeji for the afternoon.

There was a light spring rain that day. We were a few days too early to see the cherry blossoms in bloom, but the buds were swelling on the branches and a few blossoms could be seen here and there. The ju-gatsu saku sakura (October blooming cherry tree) outside the castle entrance was nearly finished, but still had a few blooms left. We arrived near closing time, so we skipped the West Garrison and went straight to the castle.

plants growing on the wood roof of a sign | Himeji Castle’s eaves

Due to the rain and the lack of blossoms, we didn’t get a nice shot of the outside of the castle, but here’s one from our recent New Year’s trip.

Himeji Castle, January 4th, 2008


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