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Kusatsu Onsen April 6, 2008

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Onsen tamago: soft cooked eggs cooked in the hot spring’s water.

On the first day of our spring break trip, we went to Kusatsu Onsen. This was our second time to Kusatsu Onsen. On this trip, we went to the Sai no Kawara Rotenburo Onsen (outdoor hot-spring). In front of the baths is Sai no Kawara park, where there are many small pools where people can dip their feet and legs in the hot spring.

Last fall we went to Otaki no Yu onsen in Kusatsu. We have pictures from that trip on our photoblog.

Charcoal grilled river fish | lanterns | onsen manju

We tried some onsen manju, wheat buns filled with sweetened bean, chestnut, or green pea paste and steamed with the onsen water. My favorite is the green bun: green tea on the outside and green peas on the inside.

Yubatake | Sai no Kawara Park | an onsen ryokan


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