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Spring break: let’s traveling! March 30, 2008

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Throwing water on the Mizukake-fudomyo in Hozenji-Yokocho Street in Osaka

Well, I started writing last night about how excited I was to be going to a hanami-bento making class at Elizabeth Andoh’s Taste of Culture cooking school today. Then I checked my e-mail and found out that I had actually signed up for the Saturday class, not the Sunday class as I had thought. So now I am sitting at home reflecting on my poor planning instead of going to my cooking class. On the plus side, however, at least I found out before I hopped on the train for a 3 hour ride to Tokyo for a class that’s full. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that a spot will open up for me in next week’s tofu class instead.

Right now we are enjoying our almost-one-day break from our spring break travel madness spectacular. I’ll be heading to Tokyo this afternoon to meet my dad and brother. Tomorrow we’ll visit Tsukiji, Tokyo’s wholesale fish market, and Kappabashi, the restaurant supply and kitchenware district.

In the meantime, I’ll be getting ready to post some more about the last week, in which we went to Kusatsu, Himeji, Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo, and Kamakura.

PS-Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten proper English yet, the “Let’s Traveling” title is a reference to the common Japanese-Englishism of putting “let’s do something” in the present instead of future tense (because you want to do it now, not later), which makes sense in Japanese, but not English.


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